Contact Print Frames for Alternative Processes

Hardwood Split Back Contact Printing Frames

  • Oak frames and springs
  • 1/2 inch high quality plywood back lined with felt
  • 1/8 inch or 1/4 inch glass depending of frame size
  • Replaceable glass (one end of frame is removable for glass replacement)
  • Frames are 2 inches larger than paper size (one inch border all around)
  • Available in 3 sizes

11×14 (13×16 actual) $120.00 plus shipping
16×20 (18×22 actual) $185.00 plus shipping
20×24 (22×26 actual) $245.00 plus shipping

These pictures are of the prototype which was built of pine.  It has been thoroughly tested and with only one minor adjustment is now ready for production using hardwood.  We are procuring materials and should begin production within the next two weeks.

Split back frame

Split back frame

photo 2

Split back frame

photo 4

Split back frame

Here is an actual salt print made with this frame.

107 yrs

Please leave a comment if you have a question or are interested in purchasing a contact print frame.

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